The Torture of Waiting for Spring Break

 So unless you’ve been living under a rock or something, you know that NEXT WEEK IS SPRING BREAK. Which, of course, means that this week is one of the worst of the entire semester. I know that you’re probably just as done as I am right now (which would make you 500% done, by the way) so let’s skip the nonsense and jump right into why this week is the literal worst:

1. Midterms


Exams, papers, projects, presentations, and generally hating life. There is so much to do, so little time, and literally none of me that wants to actually do anything. Midterms may even be more stressful than finals because I still actually kind of care at this point in the semester. Kind of.

2. Daylight Savings Time

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why does this have to happen right before spring break EVERY YEAR? Beside the fact that we’re all exhausted, over-worked college students who don’t get enough sleep as it is, now, during the worst week of the year, you’re going to take away a whole hour of precious sleep from us? No, it’s fine. Why don’t you just announce a worldwide shortage on coffee while you’re at it.

3. What is sleep

giphy-3 copy

Okay, so this one is kind of a combination of numbers 1 and 2, but SERIOUSLY WHO HAS TIME FOR SLEEP THIS WEEK? *Sobs uncontrollably*

4. Thinking of all the other fun things you could be doing right now


My spring break group text will not stop blowing up, my weather app says it’s 80 degrees and sunny in San Diego, and all I can think about is how in seven days, I will be lying in my new bikini on Mission Beach with a margarita in my hand and not a care in the world. Not to mention, the three-hour season finale of The Bachelor is on tonight (#TeamBecca), there is an entire new season of House of Cards I have yet to allow myself to watch, and with the nice weather the West Coast has been having, it’s PRACTICALLY DAY DRINKING SEASON ALREADY. Sigh. These will have to wait.

5. Dieting


Dear Girl Scouts, why must you insist on selling cookies right before spring break every year? I currently have twelve boxes of Thin Mints sitting in my freezer, begging to be eaten, but I can’t even touch them until March 22nd, when I can drown my sorrows of returning to the real world by eating an entire sleeve in one sitting. Not mention, it’s Lent, meaning I can’t have chips or candy. PLUS, hello, I’ll be in bikinis all next week, so there goes any chance of me eating carbs anytime soon. I guess I’ll just cry and eat some carrots.

6. So close, yet so far away

spongebob waiting

Everyone knows that spring semester is inevitably not as great as fall semester. There’s no football, and therefore no homecoming, and the general thrill of returning to your beloved college campus has worn off. This year has dragged on since August and we are all completely worn out. What we need is just one week to let loose and blow off some steam, but that week will come just about one week too late. In the words of Miley Cyrus, “I can almost see it, that dream I’m dreaming…” And that dream is spring break, and this week of pure torture is the only thing standing in my way. SPRING BREAK PLEASE COME SOONER.

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So You Have to Give a Presentation? Here’s How to Get an ‘A’

Last semester, I took a capstone course that required each student to give a presentation at some point during the semester. Mind you, this was a 400-level university capstone course, meaning the it was comprised primarily of juniors and seniors, all of whom were at least 21 years-old. Imagine my surprise when, before his presentation, one student admitted that he had never given a presentation before.

How does that happen? This guy was 20-something years-old, two months from graduating from a four-year institution of higher learning, and giving the first presentation of his life. How. Does. This. Happen? Clearly, the education system failed this student at some point during his education. I digress.

Public speaking, although nerve-wracking, once mastered, is an important and impressive skill. At some point or another, most of us will have to speak in front of a group of people — whether that group consists of five people or five hundred. It’s best to get those nerves out of the way as soon as possible, for the longer you put something off, the bigger your fear for it grows.

Not to brag or anything, but I have received AT LEAST ONE endorsement for public speaking on my LinkdIn profile. So, yeah, I’m pretty much an expert in this topic and many other topics. Here are my tips on how to give an amazing speech or presentation, even if you’re just telling a funny story in front of your friends:



Although probably the most difficult part of public speaking — to be (or pretend to be) confident in front of others while you internally fear that you will say the wrong thing — I believe it is the most important. Confidence carries over into other aspects of public speaking, and sometimes, when you pretend you’re confident, you can actually kill your nerves. Just as it’s best to get the most difficult things out of the way first, I got this tip out of the way from the start!

Practice, practice, practice

Again, if it’s just an anecdote or joke that you want to impress others with later, there is no better way to ensure a smooth delivery than to practice your speech. Practice the timing, cues, and your facial expressions. The more rehearsed you are, the more confident you’ll be in your delivery!


No one likes to look at someone who looks unhappy, so make sure you will look pleasing to your viewers! Smiling while you talk also makes you sound friendlier, making people more likely to listen to you. (Also a great phone tip, by the way.)

Be authentic

People can sense when others are being fake, so make sure to be as open an genuine as possible while you speak. Take questions, don’t be arrogant, laugh at yourself, be genuine, and have a good time!

Dress to impress

Another tip that can help boost your confidence — dress well! People will be looking at you either way, so you might as well look good, right?

Best of luck to everyone who will be giving a presentation in the coming weeks for midterms! Let me know how it goes on Twitter and I might retweet you!


Every Emotional Stage of an All-Nighter

At some point during everyone’s four or nine years in college, the inevitable happens — you have to pull an all-nighter. They can be more common for some than others, but everyone is bound to have at least one before they cross the stage on their graduation day. Freshman may even look forward to their first college all-nighter, not realizing the psychological, physical, and emotional torment they put you through. Let’s break down each stage:

7 p.m.

Um, excuse me, when did it get dark outside? I still have so much more work to do…


9 p.m.

Complete darkness. This is real. I’m studying at nighttime. I did not plan for this. What is civilization doing outside? Are they having fun without me?


10 p.m.

Still hanging on to that glimmer of hope that maybe I’ll be done soon. Maybe not in time to go out and enjoy the evening, maybe not even in time to enjoy some tv, but maybe I’ll get to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. Is that too much to ask for?


11:55 p.m.

WHAT? It can’t already be 11. It’s not even 11:30, it’s straight up 11:55. THAT’S ALMOST MIDNIGHT. How is this possible? Wait, how did I study for almost two hours straight without once looking at the clock? Note to self: maybe these all-nighters aren’t such a bad idea…

12:30 a.m.

These are definitely a bad idea. How was I so much less tired just 35 MINUTES AGO?


1:05 a.m.

When did 10 p.m. turn into 1 a.m…This is the absolute WORST time to fall asleep. If I go to bed now, not only will I not have finished all my homework, I will be tired all day tomorrow. But if I press through… Well, we know what happens when I press through. Maybe I’ll just see how I feel in 10 minutes…

2:40 a.m.

Welp. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it now. The all-nighter has taken ahold of me. It’s time to give in.

2:45 a.m.


giphy-1 copy 3

2:47 a.m.

Maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a few minutes…

giphy-4 copy

2:48 a.m.

Why can’t I close my eyes

3:10 a.m.

Must. Make. Coffee. But. Can’t. Feel. Legs.


3:40 a.m.

I think that coffee actually made me more sleepy…


4:01 a.m.

*~wHaT aRe ThEsE sTrAnGe FeEliNgS i’M hAvInG~*


4:02 a.m.



4:20 a.m.

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’… keep those fingers rollin’

giphy-7 copy 2

4:21 a.m.

Why am I so weird


4:22 a.m.

What is existence


4:23 a.m.

Have I had any actual thoughts for the last 60 seconds or was I just staring at the wall?


4:24 a.m.

Wait am I hungry?

rev up those fryers

4:25 a.m.

Maybe this all-nighter has gotten the best of me. Maybe I really should give in and power nap for just, like, two hours.

giphy-1 copy

4:26 a.m.

Still contemplating sleep…

giphy-9 copy

4:27 a.m.

Not sure if still contemplating sleep or actually sleeping…


4:28 a.m.



4:29 a.m.

Alright, alright. I’ll set my alarm for 30 minutes. No, 40 minutes. Okay let me just finish this one small thing first…


6:10 a.m.

Oh. Is that sunlight? I forgot that was a thing. I was beginning to think I was trapped in my own eternal nightmare.


6:40 a.m.

….Aaaaand I’m finished with my homework! Just in time to lay down and get a full twenty minutes of sleep before my alarm goes off.


7:00 a.m.

*Alarm going off* Is this real? Is anything real? Did I honestly just fall asleep? Wait, did I really pull an all-nighter or was that just the most elaborate dream ever? Ugh, just five more minutes…


7:05 a.m.


Whether planned or unintentional, all-nighters are cornerstone learning experiences in anyone’s college education. Here’s to hoping I never have another one after I graduate!

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