Community Guidelines

Diaries of a Super Senior aims to provide an online community for all future, current, and former college students. In order to maintain a positive, safe environment for everyone, Erin asks that all community members uphold the following guidelines:

1. Please keep all comments respectful. Everyone’s opinions are valid, and hatred or disrespect for others, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. will not be tolerated.

2. Please abstain from using profane language. This is a positive environment.

3. Please do not post any personal information such as email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, etc. This is a public space, and comments can be viewed by anyone.

4. Diaries of a Super Senior is responsible only for the content published on this blog. All content from other websites, even those linked on this blog, are the property of the respective website’s owner.

Any member who breaks these guidelines will be referred back to this page, and will be asked to refrain from repeating the behavior. More than three violations within a one-year period may result in the member being permanently removed from the community. Thank you for your cooperation!


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