April 2015

2 Years Experience Required? No Problem.

I’d Take This Over a “Night Out’ Any Day


March 2015

Let the Countdown Begin

Is Your 200-Second Snap Story Really Necessary?

Sprang Break Forever

Whoever Said Student Government Doesn’t Matter Was Seriously Mistaken

The Torture of Waiting for Spring Break

Step Away from the Microwave

Yes I Read… But Not Because I Have To


February 2015

So You Have to Give a Presentation? Here’s How to Get an ‘A’

Every Emotional Stage of an All-Nighter

Your Guide to the 2015 Academy Awards

Don’t Forget About Mom and Dad

Why Every College Student Should Get a Starbucks Gold Card

Why I Blog


January 2015

Check In: My Last First Day of School

Home Sweet Apartment


December 2014

To Auld Lang Syne

101 Ways to Enjoy Christmas Break

Crawl, Don’t Walk

Finals, Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

Studying Sucks. This Will Help.

A Look Back at This Semester

The Season of Giving

Learn from the Past, Smile at the Future

How To: Stay Healthy in College

How To: Save Money in College


November 2014

Thanks, Mom and Dad


Why Black Friday is the Most Underrated Holiday of the Year

I’m Thankful For…

She Doesn’t Even Go Here

Make Time for the People You Don’t See Everyday

Take Time to Notice the Little Things

You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone

Why You Should Say “Hi” to the Person Next to You

Are You Better Off?

Missing Washington, D.C.

Rock the Vote!


October 2014

Happy Halloweekend!

Partner Post: You Don’t Have to Drink in College

The Birth of a College Town

Advice from a Graduate: “Take Your Time”

Group Projects, As Told By a Super Senior

Proper Sidewalk Etiquette

An Ode to the Tumbler Cup

Why You Should Get Involved on Campus

The Unofficial Bucket List of the University of Nevada

How To: Deal With a Hangover on a School Day

Dos and Don’ts: Freshman Year

The Pack Backs Kaep

Why Homecoming is Simply the Best

Pros vs. Cons: Being a Super Senior

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