Is Your 200-Second Snap Story Really Necessary?

There is a crime against humanity that law enforcement is currently doing absolutely nothing about. You don’t see this travesty anywhere in the news. It runs rampant. This form of harassment invades our phones, dulls our minds, burns our eyes, and takes up valuable minutes of our precious time. What am I referring to? Oversharing on social media, of course.

Perhaps this is a topic I should have covered before spring break, as that is a time that most of us are likely to fall victim to the oversharing trap. It’s understandable, considering spring break is a time when you’re surrounded by friends and fun and festivities, and you are likely to take lots of pictures and videos. And of course, you are inclined to immediately share all those bits of media online.

But I urge you…



Seriously, do you really think your friends care about all 200 seconds of your SnapChat story? Let me give you some hints. If you are posting several clips from a concert, your friends do not care. If you are posting several selfies with drinks in your hand, your friends do not care. If you are posting a lot of the same thing over and over again, your. friends. do. not. care. Seriously. They don’t.

Now, I myself had about a 200-second strong SnapChat story each day over spring break. Why? Because I posted intermittently, about different moments, each one unique and (#humblebrag) hilarious. But even then, I could have taken the following advice into consideration.

You don’t have to post pictures of yourself drinking for people to know that you party. We get it. You go to college. Maybe you joined a sorority or fraternity. Your friends from high school are going to assume that you’ve made new friends and that you go out and party and drink. You don’t have to prove them right. In fact, you shouldn’t. Subtlety is sexy.


In this day in age, you should assume that nothing on the internet is private or temporary. In fact, you should assume the exact opposite — that anyone can see anything you post, and that that content will live forever. Don’t believe me? Ever heard of screenshots? Group texts? Things can go viral in a matter of minutes, and one day, you could be the victim of that. So be careful whom you share what with.

Moreover (even if you don’t want to think this far in the future just yet), future employers, whether you believe it or not, really do look at your social media accounts. Think of how you online stalk your crush… and triple that. They Google you. They look you up on Linked In (and judge you if you don’t have one), on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, and more. They look at all of your content. They judge what you have and have not posted online, and that could determine whether or not you get a job. Think of your online presence as a pre-job interview.

Think about your exes, your future spouses, your grandmas, your little siblings, and your boss looking at everything you post online. Would you be proud of how you’ve represented yourself?

So…are you portraying yourself online how you want to be portrayed in the real world? Please, everyone, remember to think before you post. Especially you, millennials!

What’s your biggest social media blunder? Tell me on Twitter and I might retweet you!



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