Don’t Forget About Mom and Dad

It happens to all of us — we get busy with classes, homework, studying, our jobs, extra-curricular activities, our social lives, relationships, getting enough sleep, staying fit, and everything else that we’re supposed to do as young, prime-of-our-lives college students, that we forget about two of the most important people in our lives — our parents! They raised us, fed us, bathed us, taught us right from wrong, and loved and supported us along the way, and we can’t even take five minutes out of our day to let them know we’re thinking about them? Come on.


College is such a stressed-filled time with so many new things happening, it’s easy to forget about your values and where you came from. That’s why it’s so important to stay grounded by connecting with your parents. You may not realize it when you first come to college, but your parents were right about so many of those things you used to fight them on. At some point during everyone’s college careers, we realize how much our parents truly did for us. When that happens for you, I urge you to call up your mom and/or dad and just say “thank you” for all they’ve done for you.


With that being said, it’s also important to spend some quality time with your parents. In fact, research shows that children who spend more time with their parents tend to be more well-rounded than those who don’t. Spending time with your parents leads to having better values, a desire to love and build relationships with others, a sense of purpose in life, confidence in our schoolwork and personal lives, and and overall feeling of satisfaction and happiness in life.


I realize that, while in college, not everyone has the luxury of visiting their parents on a regular basis. Some students may be only a five minute drive from their parents’ house while others may be a nine hour plane ride away. Personally, I feel lucky to live a cool three-hour drive from my parents, which is why I try to visit home about one weekend a month. I love when I get to spend time with my parents, catch up on each others’ lives (even though we talk on the phone practically every day), eat some home-cooked meals, and get my laundry done by mother dearest. I can’t wait to see my parents this upcoming weekend!

How often do you visit home while in college? Send me pictures on Twitter of your reunion with your parents and I might retweet you!



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