Why I Blog

As my loyal followers may recall, I began this blog last October as an assignment for a journalism course I was taking at the time. Students in my class were instructed to create a blogs on a topic that sparked our interest, and that we believed had a niche audience. Having just started my fifth and final year of college, I couldn’t help but think of what a unique experience I was in.

Most college students adhere to the four-year plan — that is, they have their lives together and actually graduate “on time.” My story as a super senior is by no means unique, as I have plenty of other friends who also spent over four years completing their undergraduate degrees. However, being a fifth year student certainly does not comply with the “norm,” and I believe puts me in a position to offer some realistic advice to fellow undergraduates.


As I began writing about everything from homecoming and tumbler cups to staying healthy in college to finals, I truly fell in love with the concept of blogging. I get to translate my thoughts and personality into words for you all to read and (hopefully) enjoy. Although this began as a project for school, it has grown into something I adore, and that I hope helps undergraduates both at my alma mater and universities across the nation. Having gained an appreciation for blogging over the past few months, I couldn’t imagine my life without it.


During my final semester, I’ll be posting each Monday and Wednesday about cooking in college, internships, reading for pleasure, how to avoid all-nighters, and more. Who better to get college advice from than someone who has not only lived through it all, but is also still in college herself? That’s right, no one. You’re so welcome.

So stay tuned, devoted readers, as there is plenty of advice coming your way in the next three months as I finish up my degree and prepare for the real world. (Wait, when did this happen?)


What type of advice would you like to read about life as a college student? Comment below or tell me on Twitter and you might see a post about your topic very soon!



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