Learn from the Past, Smile at the Future

We’ve all heard it before: don’t live you life with regret, but insted, try to learn from your mistakes.


The first time I can remember really giving some thought to this advice was when I was in the fifth grade, and my biggest regret was when I once accidentally dropped an ice cream cone. I couldn’t understand then what true regret felt like.

Now I know how much regret can hurt. Regret is the words I left unsaid, letting someone walk away, and having too much pride. Regret is not taking someone’s advice, selling myself short, keeping my guard up, and never telling telling someone how I really feel. Regret is foolishly trusting one person, and foolishly not trusting another. Regret is knowing something is bad for me but doing it anyway. Regret is having only myself to blame.

Living with regret gets you nothing in life, except maybe your own patient file at the local mental hospital. It isn’t easy, but taking the time to truly reflect on and learn from your mistakes can help you live without regret and maintain your mental sanity.

Realize that it’s not only okay to make mistakes, it’s good to make mistakes. Mistakes don’t just make you human, they make you who you are. We are all better people for having each lived our own life’s experiences, made our own mistakes, and found the lesson in each of them. The important thing is that we lived through them ourselves.


Know who you are and believe in the direction in which you are headed. If you don’t like the direction in which you are headed, change it. If you live humbly and honestly, life will lead you in the right direction.

Do not fear the unknown, for there is nothing you can do to change it. Welcome what is to come. Plan for the worst, but hope for the best.

Be happy that you are young, and that your life could still lead you in a thousand different directions. You have no idea what life has in store for you, and that is something worth smiling for.

Learn from the past, smile at the future, and live for today.


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