Any true football fan knows that Sundays are for the NFL and Saturdays are for college football. This week just so happens to be one of the biggest weeks in any college football season: rivalry week.

College students and alumni across the nation have been sporting their alma mater’s colors all week in support of today’s big game.



At the Univeristy of Nevada, our rivalry week traditions are simple, but straightforward. First and foremost, there is to be NO rebel red worn on Nevada’s campus during Beat UNLV* week. (*See also: FUNLV, FunLove)

Second, each year, the week of the big game, hundreds of Nevada students gather in the quad, face northward, drop trou, and moon our southern neighbors in the annual Moon Off. Obviously, we take our rivalry with the UNLV* Rebels very seriously. (*See also: Nevada Southern)


Notice the ceiling decorations

Today, in the annual Battle for Nevada football game, my beloved Wolf Pack will play the Rebels in hopes of bringing home the coveted Fremont Cannon and restoring it to its proper hue.


The Fremont Cannon

After watching three years of glorious football victories against the Rebels, I did not take last year’s defeat very well. After all, it was the first time the UNLV football team beat Nevada in nine years, allowing the Rebels to kidnap our cannon and deface it with their hideous red paint.

Although I cannot physically be at the game to see the Wolf Pack destroy the Rebels today, I will be there in spirit, chanting “N-E-V-A-D-A, you say, NEVADA!”


Battle for Nevada 2013 at Mackay Stadium #Selfie

But really, who scheduled Battle for Nevada over Thanksgiving weekend? Probably a Rebel. #WolfPackProbs

Now let’s bring that cannon home!


How does your school show it’s pride during rivalry week? Show or tell me on Twitter and I might retweet you!



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