Take Time to Notice the Little Things

The other day, I was walking back to my car, parked in the same parking garage I’ve been using since my sophomore year, when I noticed something. On the side of the garage were little metal structures, positioned in such a way that when the sun shone just right, the structures’ shadows spelled the word “NEVADA” down the side of the building.


This got me thinking. Has that always been there? How many times have I walked into this parking garage without noticing that? What else have I been overlooking?

I started to feel as though I might be missing out on all these little things that someone, at some point in time, put thought into. And I, it seems, have been taking these little things for granted.

What have I seen or heard so many times before that I don’t really see or hear it at all anymore? What of life’s little pleasures am I depriving myself of?

So, I urge you to look around today. Experience each thing as if it were something new. Really look at the trees in the quad turning orange. Really listen when the bell tower chimes on the hour. You might just discover something you’ve never seen before, and even if you don’t, you’ll appreciate what your surroundings have to offer you while you still can.

What did you see for the first time today? Show me on Twitter and I might retweet you!



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