Happy Halloweekend!

Ah, Halloweekend. An occasion observed primarily by undergraduates across our nation, this weekend-long celebration of Halloween (see: getting drunk in costumes) is upon us again. This year, the gods smiled down upon the campus coeds of the western world and placed the main event (actual Halloween night) on a Friday, as it should be. Why is this so important? If you don’t know, then you’ve clearly never tried mustering up the energy a Halloween party requires…on a school night. Thanks a lot, Halloweens 2010-2013.

The concept of Halloweekend is truly an anomaly. Who, in their right minds, would drag out the already-debauched holiday of Halloween into a three-night, alcohol-fueled, polyester-rampant, slopfest? College students, that’s who.


First of all, we college students have no chill. We celebrate any and all occasions aggressively. Christmas? Let’s get grandpa drunk while wearing excessive amounts of tartan and listening to Mariah Carey on repeat. Aced, or failed, your final exam? Go ahead and grab that beer can out of your backpack and shotgun it while maintaining eye contact with your professor. It’s Tuesday? Kegger.

On top of that, we just do not care. About anything. College students are always willing to push the envelope from barely-socially-acceptable to “You need church, man,” which is exactly why on Halloweekend, a college student might dress like Woody from Toy Story one night, an Amish person the next, and Miley Cyrus a la the 2013 VMAs on the third night. Gender-specific costumes? As if that matters.


Everyone knows that Halloween is the time when you can transform into literally anything your heart desires. You want to be a Playboy bunny? Sure. An insensitive societal reference? I’ve seen it. Twerking banana? Go for it. The result of all these random drunken costumes coming together in one place at one time is the most marvelous kaleidoscope of madness you’ll ever behold. Anything goes.

When else can you see Forrest Gump lifting up Lieutenant Dan’s wheelchair so that he can do a keg stand, while Gumby shmoneys with five Britney Spears from different music videos, and Bill Clinton shares a cigar with a nun?


So…why not do it three nights in a row?

…That’s the thought someone actually had when collegiates of a former generation held the inaugural Halloweekend.

And thank goodness they did. Halloweekend is one of the best weekends during any undergraduate’s school year, and this year, we have been #blessed with the gift of Halloween on a Friday. A weekend like this does not come around often. Cherish it while it lasts.

Please remember to be safe this weekend as well! Drink responsibly and remember what your mother taught you about stranger danger.97438_v1

What are you wearing this Halloweekend? Send me pictures on Twitter and I might retweet you!



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