An Ode to the Tumbler Cup



Oh tumbler cup, my tumbler cup. You truly are the one.

With Starbucks logos, chevron patterns, and Lilly prints, so fun.

With my monogram in the middle, or my sorority letters down the side,

You help me to express myself, rather than to hide.

In pink or in lavender, in mint or maroon,

With sequins or with glitter — for you, I nearly swoon.

Made for hot beverages or cold; with you it does not matter.

Though, if I had to make a choice, I’d probably choose the latter.

For iced coffee, juice, and tea — the options never end!

And let us not forget, my dear: our chilled, fermented friend.

For all the reasons to love tumblers, wine’s the greatest of them all.

For they conceal wine in the winter, spring, summer, and the fall.

For lounging around the house, or for taking on the run,

No others will suspect you’re carrying 24 ounces of fun.

I always have you with me, my tumbler cup of “juice.”

There really is no limit to your endless amount of use.

Oh tumbler cup, my tumbler cup. You take away my stress.

You’re the reason I can relax, sip, and say, “Cheers, betch!”



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